Brower settings

In principle you can handle this as you like it, but we'd like to offer you some hints that might make your visit of the »Virtual Exhibition« even more enjoyable.

Our suggestions

Our website simply looks better when,

in the internet options of the Microsoft Internet Explorer,
you deactivate the »underline« for links,

or in the preferences of the Netscape Communicator
the »underline« for links is deactivated, or just activated for »Hover« only, and »Use document specific fonts« is activated.

Whenever you are viewing the Low Tech version, use Trebuchet, Verdana, Arial or sans-serif fonts. Use »very small« font size.

Browser-specific effects

Hey, we are in the internet. Everything's possible, but there shouldn't be any negative effects from using the latest versions of the Microsoft and Netscape browers, those available during mid-2000. The webmaster is, however, grateful for any suggestions on technical improvements.

Platform-specific effects was designed and tested on both Windows-PCs as well as Macs. We do not guarantee its usability for any of the other existing platforms.

Here a few useful browser plug-ins:

Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Real, Shockwave, MGI Zoom Viewer

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