The presentation with pull-down menus in the sitemap is not suitable for older browers and slower computers.


The »path« which indicates the hierarchical level is given at the top right. All superior pages are given as links, with the red script reserved for the actual page whose more immediately neighbouring pages are indicated in the navigational element.
This offers information on further topics and help for how to get on. Again, the red script is reserved for the actual page.

The sitemap is offered in four representations:

.  overview representation with simple click on symbolic pictures,

.  navigation with pull-down menus,

.  navigation with tables of contents and

.  navigation with pull-down tree structure.

Additional information

Soon after moving the cursor over a picture, its description will appear in a pop-up window.
After clicking on a picture, the zoom window will open with an enlarged representation of the photo or object. With a further click on the zoom window, the window gets enlarged to the right, showing the picture‚s caption and legend. This additional information disappears again with a further click.

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