Content - zoom - sitemap

This allows easy movement between overview and contents. The zoom window allows a good view of the pictures. A high resolution and a big monitor are, of course, worth a lot, but also with a resolution of 800 x 600 you can jump from window to window with »task switching«.

Multiple windows?

In the high-tech version, is offered in one main window and two help windows.

The window in which you call up first is taken as the main window, also called content window. In this window the homepage and the actual contents are indicated.

The sitemap - a table of contents and a navigational help - is given in a separate window. This means that, depending on monitor size, the sitemap can stay open either beside or behind the contents window. It can be called up via the homepage, by clicking on the coloured dot left top or the base line. A special programming logic in more modern browsers prevents the sitemap from being loaded anew each time when called up, if it is already available on the screen.

The zoom window is used to display enlarged pictures. It is called up by clicking on a picture. In the low-tech version the zoomed picture is displayed in the content window.

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