Stay calm! Nothing can happen to you.

First access

The »Virtual Exhibition« is available in various versions. When first accessing www.bhutan.at, you can make your first choice.

The high-tech version requires an up-to-date computer and a fast internet connection. This version can either be chosen by mouse click or, if no choice is indicated, will automatically be selected after 5 seconds.

The low-tech version does not demand a lot of computer or internet connection. In this version, pictures are specifically small in the running text, but, taking into consideration longer waiting times, can also be enlarged. This version can only be chosen by clicking on the relevant icon.

Preferences/Internet Options

The pages of this website have so far been generated dynamically, which has allowed systematic changes in form and content during the creation of the site. With dynamically generated sites, many browsers keep down-loading the latest input of a website. This is no longer necessary for www.bhutan.at, as future changes will only concern the correction of errors. Therefore the browser can be set to not continuously actualise the information, which also allows for much quicker navigating through the web site.

Choice of languages

The »Virtual Exhibition« is offered in two languages, English and German. You can make your choice at the respective introductory page - high tech or low tech - by clicking the relevant ticket.

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