Gods and Sacred Mountains

The mystic Guru Rinpoche, who is worshipped in the entire Himalayan region, is the central figure of this section. He was born miraculously out of a lotus blossom, conquered a large number of nature deities and subjugated them to Buddhism. He is supported by heavely fairies, called »Dakini«, and Tantric consorts.

Guru Rinpoche, through his deeds, opened the way for many more holy men, who in turn subjugated mountain gods and demons and committed them to Buddhism. They and their descendants left their mark on this country. Their memory is still firmly anchored in the wealth of legends of these people.

Up until today, the syncretism of Buddhism, pre-Buddhistic and animistic beliefs is one of the determining cultural factors of this country.

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Especially in the Paro valley, Tsheringma is venerated, a mighty mountain deity who embodies herself in Chomolhari, more than 7000 metres high.