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A common soldiers gear

Shield, bamboo, wood; size: 47 cm x 18 cm;
Helmet, bamboo, wood; size: 26 cm x 18 cm; loans from the National Museum, Paro
Protective objects made of bent reeds and interlaced bamboo were part of the standard equipment of common foot soldiers.

Tibetan invasion
Woven basket

Bangcung, bamboo; H: 11,5 cm, diameter 34 cm; loan from the Museum für Völkerkunde, Wien
In baskets called »bangcung«, cooked food is taken to the fields or when travelling.

Bamboo and cane crafts
Little box

Bamboo, wood, brass; size: 46 cm x 56,5 cm x 28 cm; loan from the Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich
Wealthy families keep their valuable good in boxes with padlocks.

Bamboo and cane crafts
Military equiment

Quiver, bamboo, leather: L: 85 cm; loan from Guy van Strydonck
Today archery is the national sport of Bhutanese men. In the wars of the 19th century, bow and arrow was the weapon most often used.

Jigme Namgyel
Storage Basket

Basket, bamboo, leather: measurements 50 x 52 x 34 centimeters; on loan from Françoise Pommaret
Leather reinforcements protect the basket, used for carrying or provisions, from rain and snow.

The Laya in the North
Storage Basket

Basket, bamboo, leather, height 83 centimeters; diameter 50 centimeters; on loan from the National Museum Paro
In the house or in the mountains, baskets which one can carry, often serve as storage containers for grains.

Yak, the Source of Life

Bamboo; height 54 centimeters, diameter 42 centimeters; on loan from the Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich
Baskets woven out of bamboo are usually placed in the kitchen and are filled with flour and cereals.

The Western Valleys
Food Basket

Storage basket, bamboo; diameter 20 centimeters, height 8 centimeters; on loan from Christian Schicklgruber
Containers of this sort are a typical product of South-East Bhutan.

The East of Bhutan

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