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A House Altar

Altar, wood; clay statues; 19th century; measurements 270 x 380 x 70 centimeters; on loan from Tobgye S. Dorje
The altar and all the statues originate from the temple room of the Gangtey Palace in Paro.
The statues in the center:
Left: Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the founder of the State of Bhutan
Center: Buddha Shakyamuni, the historistic Buddha
Right: Guru Rinpoche, the mystic who brought Buddhism to Bhutan
On the right wing:
Upper right: Vajrapani, Bodhisattva in his wrathful appearance
Upper left: Jambhala, a god of wealth
Lower left: Jambhala
On the left wing:
Upper right: Syama-Tara, the embodiment of compassionate love
Upper left: Sita-Tara
Lower right: Sarasvati, the Goddess of Learning, Music and Poetry
Lower left: religious texts
There is also an animated version of the altar.

Storage Containers

Wood, repaired with a piece of iron; height 35 centimeters, diameter 23 centimeters and height 28 centimeters, diameter 19 centimeters; on loan from the Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich
In South Bhutan containers fashioned out of wood are filled with all sorts of drinks. The container with the provisionally repaired crack served for the storage of butter.

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