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The documentation of the strategy

Written document, paper; 17th century;
Pen-case (ngudro), iron, gold and silver applications; L: 37 cm.;
Seal, iron, silver; L: 6,5 cm.; loan from the National Museum, Paro
The text, in cursive, is sealed with six seals and written on hand-made paper. The document is a list of boxes and pieces of luggage that were sent with the move of the head-abbot and his monks from their summer residence in Thimphu to their winter residence in Punakha. The creation of the Bhutanese state was fundamentally influenced by the fact that the administration of the realm was based on a system of writing.

The unification of the state

Calendar sheet, paper print; size: 72 cm x 45 cm; loan from the Museum für Völkerkunde, Wien
Calendars with pictures of the present Je Khenpo can be found hanging in many houses.

The dual system of government
The Prajnaparamita

Religious text, cover made of wood with copper sheeting and fire-gilding. Sheets of paper with gold coloured writing, silk cloth for protection; 19th century; H: 24 cm., L: 69 cm., B: 20 cm.; loan from the National Museum, Paro
The Buddha himself proclaimed the text of the Prajnaparamita sutra (»Totality of Wisdom«) to the first bodhisattvas*, who recorded the text in writing. The sutra contains important philosophical treatises of the Mahayana Buddhism on the non-existence of worldly conditions and the True Reality.
Illustrations which are painted next to the text show deities which stand in connection to the explanations.

The Mahayana
The Buddhas crown

The crown of the Buddha (rignge ugyen), textile, papier mâché; L: 26 cm, H: 16 cm; loan from the Museum für Völkerkunde, Wien
The five-leaved crown shows one of the five tathagata* buddhas on each picture. By wearing the crown at specific festive ceremonies, the lama stands in connection with the represented buddhas. The crown, which is given a lama at his initiation, authorises him to perform tantric rites.

The five tathagatas

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