The Vienna Exhibition
In der Klosterfestung

The placement of the objects in the rooms of the Vienna museum did not follow categories such as religion, handicrafts, art or history. Rather, the various objects were arranged in order to create a meaningful whole. For example, certain objects which usually are found in the category »religion«, were placed in several different rooms in order to shed light on the interconnection between religion and environment or religion and political history. In this way, the contents of the objects conveyed, just by their positioning, their importance as carriers of meaning.

The Vienna Exhibition
.  In the monastery ..
.  Gods and sacred ..
.  The teachings of Buddha
.  The becoming of Bhutan
.  The fortresses - monks ..
.  The way to the throne
.  Modern monarchy
.  Ethnic mosaic
.  The south
.  The midlands
.  The house altar
.  The kitchen
.  The high alpine ..

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