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Guru Rinpoche

Excerpt from a thangka, size: 128x66 cm; original privately owned.
Coming from India, Guru Rinpoche embodied Buddhism in the various Himalayan countries.

First Buddhist temples
Wooden box

Box, wood; H: 12 cm, diameter 29 cm; loan from Christof and Marie Noel Frei-Pont
Turned containers are used for storing food, or as eating bowls by highly placed personalities. A crack is mended with red wax.

Little box

Bamboo, wood, brass; size: 46 cm x 56,5 cm x 28 cm; loan from the Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich
Wealthy families keep their valuable good in boxes with padlocks.

Bamboo and cane crafts

Calendar sheet, paper print; size: 72 cm x 45 cm; loan from the Museum für Völkerkunde, Wien
Calendars with pictures of the present Je Khenpo can be found hanging in many houses.

The dual system of government
Drukpa Künle

Thangka; painting on canvas; measurements 129 x 111,5 centimeters; 20th century; on loan from Anthony Aris
Biographical depiction of Drukpa Künle, the »Divine Jester«, who because of his often obscene actions, is the protagonist of gladly told stories. His deeds beyond conventional norms should point out the relative aspects of human beliefs. They are meant to release the spirit from the bondage of conventional thinking.

Drukpa Künle
Wooden Box

Wood, painted, iron fittings; measurements 38,5 x 65 x 30 centimeters; on loan from Françoise Pommaret
This box is painted with a pair of phoenixes in flight and the Chinese symbol for longevity.

The Village Household
»Good-Luck Chest« (Yang Gam)

Wood, multi-colored fabric covering, iron fittings; measurements 19 x 28,5 x 13,5 centimeters; on loan from Helga Paul
In order to symbolically maintain good luck in the house, coins, seeds, jewels, semi-precious stones and much more are kept in a chest in the altar room of the house.

The Farm House

The Vienna Exhibition
.  In the monastery ..
.  Gods and sacred ..
.  The teachings of Buddha
.  The becoming of Bhutan
.  The fortresses - monks ..
.  The way to the throne
.  Modern monarchy
.  Ethnic mosaic
.  The south
.  The midlands
.  The house altar
.  The kitchen
.  The high alpine ..

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