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Model of a dzong

Model of the Tongsa Dzong, wood, bamboo; L: 540 cm; loan from private ownership
For the exhibition »Fortress of the Gods« a model of the Tongsa Dzong was made in Bhutan to a scale of 1:50. The fortress, built by the Shabdrung in 1647, played an important role in the process of unifying the nation. During the late 19th century the Tongsa Dzong became the family home of the royal family; before becoming king, every crown prince hold the title of »Tongsa Pönlop« (literally: »high teacher«, title of the governor of Tongsa).
Photo by Klaus Vyhnalek

Throne cover

Thrikheb, wool, silk, cotton; size: 152 cm x 70 cm; loan from a private collection
This throne cover for the court or for high lamas shows, as central motive, the »Wheel of Law« symbolising Buddhism. At the top and on the bottom there are appliques of a pair of flying phoenixes and a representation of the wishing jewel.


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