The Exhibition in Vienna | The becoming of Bhutan

Bhutan's development

Here the story is told of the cleric Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel who had to flee from Tibet in the 17th century. He united Bhutan's duchies into one central, theocratic kingdom.

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In the Monastery Fortress
Gods and Sacred Mountains The teachings of Buddha You are here The fortresses - monks and rulers
The way to the throne
Modern monarchy Ethnic mosaic Ethnic mosaic The south The midlands The house altar The high alpine pastures Videos
The kitchen


The Exhibition in Leiden
The Preparations for ..
The Exhibition in Vienna
.  In the Monastery ..
.  Gods and Sacred ..
.  The teachings of Buddha
.  The becoming of Bhutan
.  The fortresses - monks ..
.  The way to the throne
.  Modern monarchy
.  Ethnic mosaic
.  The south
.  The midlands
.  The house altar
.  The kitchen
.  The high alpine ..
The Exhibition in ..

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