The Preparations for the Vienna Exhibition | The Preparation of the Objects

Preparation of the Objects

The finally selected exhibition objects were both packed at and, then directly picked up from, the lender's site, by an art transport company. The large amount of objects made it necessary to close two rooms of the permanent exhibition to the public, as the objects had to temporarily be stored there, before they could be installed in this special exhibition. A few objects required restoratative measures. Of course, for objects that had been loaned, the consent of the owners had to be obtained. After the restoration, the owners of the loaned objects were informed, in detail, about all the measures that had been taken.

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Here, two textile restorers fasten the lose threads of an applique thangka from Bhutan. In a few places, the fabric had to be reinforced, in order to prevent other damages, which may be caused by the heavy weight of the scrolls.

In the restorers' workshop, the most valuable object of the exhibition, the Raven Crown, is being prepared for its final mounting.