The Preparations for the Vienna Exhibition | The Planning Begins

The Planning Begins

The architect, Arno Grünberger, was commissioned for the creative realization of the exhibition rooms. The design should create a mood which invokes both the atmosphere of the Bhutanese monasteries, as well as of the rural dwellings. The architect travelled to Bhutan in order to gain a personal impression of the atmosphere of the country. For example, in order to transmit this to the visitors, rooms in the exhibit were painted with mineral paints imported from Bhutan. Certain parts of the fortress facade installation, erected in the aula of the museum, had also been previously manufactured in Bhutan.


At this time, about 15 months prior to the exhibition opening, both of the exhibition curators had pre-selected a little over 1000 objects and had developed the didactic concept. Together with the architect, the decision for the final selection of the objects was based on criteria relating to their design and content. The limited space made a drastic reduction, down to one half of the objects, a necessity. The individual objects were now assigned to the various display cases and sections of the installation.

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The design of the exhibition rooms has been developed by means of rough sketches.

For the painting of the rooms, which displayed the objects from monastic Buddhism, 200 kilograms of mineral paint were bought in Bhutan. The paint powder was prepared with water and applied to the wall with rags. This is the same technique as used by Bhutanese house painters.