The Preparations for the Vienna Exhibition | The Search for the Objects to be Loaned

The Search for the Exhibition Objects to be Loaned

At the time of the preparations for the exhibition, the Museum für Völkerkunde Wien only owned a few objects from Bhutan. Therefore, the exhibition had to depend on objects on loan from various private und museum collections. The responses from those collectors and museums we had approached with our request was quite positive and they invited us to visit their collections. More than one thousand objects were photographed. These photographs served as the basis for the planning of the exhibition.


The major portion of the displayed objects came from Bhutan itself. For the exhibition, The National Museum Paro, under the leadership of Monk Mynak Tulku, put their treasures at our disposal. The wonderful cooperation with the Bhutanese Government also made it possible that even religious objects in the monasteries were shown and offered to us for display in our exhibition. We brought all the objects to Vienna. Most of these objects had never before left the walls of the monastery and, even in Bhutan, are only accessible to a few people.

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In a temple of Thimphu-Dzong, the Director of the National Museum Paro, Mynak Tulku, shows statues and ritual objects which were then lent for the exhibition.

More than one thousand photographs of objects provided the basis for the planning of this exhibition.