The Preparations for the Vienna Exhibition | The Contacts to the Royal Government

The Contacts to the Royal Government

Soon after the begin of the project, the Royal Goverment of Bhutan was informed of this plan. On the occassion of a visit to the Bhutanese Ambassador for all EC countries, his Excellency Dasho Jigme Thinley (today the Minister for Foreign Affairs), was presented with the concept for the exhibition. The then Austrian Ambassador in New Delhi, S. E. Peterlik, who was also accredited to Bhutan, passed on the concept for this exhibition to the appropriate offices in Bhutan.


On the occasion of the first of altogether four trips to Bhutan, the concept and the organisation of the exhibition was discussed with members of the Bhutanese Government. Here, the Vienna Museum met with great interest from the side of the Bhutanese and so the foundation for a very effective cooperation was laid. In a short time a »Memorandum of Understanding« was undersigned.

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Members of the Royal Government of Bhutan showed great interest in the exhibition and provided valuable help in the course of its realization.