The Preparations for the Vienna Exhibition | An Idea is Born

An Idea is Born

The idea of having a large exhibition about the Kingdom of Bhutan was born in the spring of 1994 by Dr. Peter Kann, the Director of the Museum für Völkerkunde Wien. Never before had an exhibition been created which provided fundamental insight into the history, religion and daily life of this small Himalayan country. The curator of the museum, Christian Schicklgruber, was assigned to the execution of this exhibition. A short time thereafter, the French Tibetologist und Ethno-historian, Françoise Pommaret, could be won as guest curator. She had lived in Bhutan for over 10 years, where she had conducted academic research. Now the planning and conceptualization could begin.

The exhibition was financed by the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Culture. In addition, substantial financial support was provided by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs which, in this exhibition, presented its development cooperation projects with Bhutan

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