The Exhibition in Leiden

In Holland, the exhibition was on view in the National Museum for Ethnology Leiden from December 17, 1999 until April 30, 2000. The title, »Bhutan, land van de donderende draak«, refers to the Bhutanese name for Bhutan, »Land of the Thundering Dragon«. In Leiden, an independent design concept was developed. The presentation of the objects was not so much oriented on the typical cultural expressions of Bhutan, as was the case in all the other locations, but rather emphasized the museum as an institution of the occidental culture.

Impressions from Bhutan
The Fortresses - Monks and Rulers
The Altar
The Teachings of Buddha
The House Altar
The Monarchy, Part 1
The Monarchy, Part 2
The Ethnic Groups of Bhutan
The Throne Room

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