The Exhibition in Leiden | The teachings of Buddha

The Buddha's teachings

The concern here is the teaching of the Buddha Shakyamuni and the, for the Himalayas so relevant, system of the mahayana Buddhism.

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The Exhibition in Leiden
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The teaching of the Drukpa school of Buddhism constitutes the main religion of Bhutan. It is an offshoot of the Kagyupa school that became established in Tibet around the 11th century. The older Nyingmapa school also has a substantial number of followers in Central and Eastern Bhutan. The aim of Buddhism is to free man from the cycle of reincarnations; ultimately life means suffering, transitoriness and death. The doctrine which shows the road to the nirvana goes back to Buddha Shakyamuni, who lived in India in the 5th century before our time. The historical Buddha taught a path of meditative practice and warned against metaphysical explanations of the world. When more than one thousand years later Buddhism reached the Himalaya and Bhutan, it had been developed into a complicated philosophical system. At its core the Buddhist concept knows neither a transcendental power such as a god nor a cult. Gods represented on roll pictures or as statues are an expression of spiritual powers on the road to enlightenment as great saints saw them in visions. In meditation the monk fuses with the deity. In doing so he finds out that all the deities, the entire world and he himself are but mere products of his own imagination. Essentially all things and beings are empty. True reality is neither being nor not being, it has neither an ending nor is it endless. With this experience the humans can leave the cycle of reincarnations - they have come to know the nirvana. The key to the liberation from the cycle of reincarnations (nirvana) is to be found in ending the deceptive manifoldness of the world of manifestations and in separating from the conception of one's own ego.