The Exhibition in Leiden | The altar

The altar

The centre of this room is formed by the magnificent altar from the Palace of Gangtey in Paro which is consecrated to Bhutan's three most important religious and political figures: Buddha Shakyamuni, Guru Rinpoche and Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel.

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The Exhibition in Leiden
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The altar room is the holiest area of the house. Frequently it is furnished like a proper temple. Religious representations or ritual objects from family heirloom are kept here. To ensure the benevolence of the gods they are regularly offered oblations. The light of the butterlamps, the fragrance of flowers or the taste of food is intended to please the senses of the gods. At the invitation of the household, village priests or monastery monks perform the rituals of the rural course of the year. Moreover divine support is asked for and oblations are offered to the gods in case of illnesses and when special enterprises lie ahead. Mountain gods play a special role in these ceremonies. This room is also used as a guest room and for the storage of valuable family possessions.