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Text of Worship

Whoever wants to sacrifice to a pha yul lha,

has to build white and red torma out of food (phud skyems). If one prays (the syllables) ram yam kham, one fills in a vessel made out of jewels as big as the clouds, an ocean of sacrifical offerings which have been created by the mind. After one has recited three-times ohm a hum, one has to envision inviting a pha yul lha with his entrourage by the light that one's heart emanates. One has to imagine being a deity. The prayer can then begin by reciting "oh, in the sphere of the pure wisdom, since time immemorial".

One who is free of the three poisons (sgo gsum),

who is mighty, who is the cause for peace and luck, that is you a pha yul lha. You lift yourself up from the sphere of pure wisdom since time immemorial, in which you are served, just like a cloud, with all the offerings (kun bzang sprin) that fullfill your wishes, in order to be put into a pleasant mood. Please come here and stay with us always. (Then an inviting mantra: bdzras ma ya dza)

The material offerings

which come from the heart, to the six senses (dbang drug), all pleasant things are to be sacrificed: grains, barley, beer, milk, butter, yoghurt, flowers, incense, butterlamps, perfume, water, flute and trumpet music, drums, cymbals – we sacrifice all these things to our god. We sacrifice to him, as a drink, a lake of excellent nectar and blood, beautiful and good tasting torma, beautiful things, beautiful bodies, melodic sounds and sweet smells. All offerings to gods and man we have sacrificed. May your heart be filled with these sacrifices of tsampa (flour), smouldering incense, silks, garden flowers, fast galloping horses, male and female yaks, sheep, goats, wild animals, buffalos, cows as one wishes for, zhos (a cross-breed between yaks and cows), peacocks, swans, cranes and all beautiful creatures. After I have sacrificed them all, may your heart be fulfilled.

May all blessings be upon me

and the high-ranking people, the well-doers, the sponsors and upon all daily activities. If there are any mistakes made, inadequacy in one's behavior, pollution of the material or spiritual kind, if our state of mind is confused, if something has burned on our stove, if we have made any mistakes of this kind, please forgive us these and may we receive your blessing. Protectors of the holy teachings a pha yul lha with all of your followers, I shall make sacrifices to you all. One should say this mantra three to seven times.

Oh Buddha,

great liberator of all living beings and of great goodness. Although the wonderful goodness of the Buddha is not comparable to the mindset of earthly beings, you manifest yourself in this form in order to increase the happiness of all living beings. You yourself have taken on the form of the Buddha. I pray to you, who has taken on the shape of all living beings, the yul lha, in order to multiply the peace and the luck of the living beings and the teachings of Buddha. I pray to you, whose goodness overrides that of all living beings, by taking on the form of yul gzhi bdag, of mkhar gyi rce lha (God of the Top of Castle), of sgo lha (God of the Gate), of the God of the Yak, God of the House, God of the Tiger, the form of gel thung, of dgra lha, the form of the God of female Wildlife, the God of the Fields, the God of the Path, the God of the Horses dmag dpon and the Livestock God rma gyang, the God of Wealth, of rgyal po sogs, the God of the Trade, don grup and the form of the king of all local gods. As kings protect their underlings, so we wish to be protected by you. Your kindness is everywhere, it extends over all living beings, in that it has taken on the form of all gods.

As I offer sacrifices to you,

I want to ask you for a few favors. The head of the Three Jewels be high. May the monasteries, in which the wheel of dharma is turned, the ritual centers, the practitioners of sutras and tantras - may they always be supported by benefactors. All the wishes of the living beings may be fulfilled by the strength of the blessing of the Three Jewels (mchog gsum), the Lama and the pure gods. All wishes may be fulfilled. All illnesses, war, hunger, frost, hail and weeds in the fields, all of these things, may they be kept away. May the rain come at the right time, may the fields and the livestock thereby thrive. From all of the demonic forces (dgra bgegs rgyur gsum), from the devilish thoughts of others, from all kinds of evil spirits (sbad 'dre rbed gtor), from all who have evil thoughts against one, and from all bad influences, may I be protected. May our luck, our lifetime and fame multiply. For those who are on voyages, and those who stay at home, may all their wishes be fulfilled as I so ask of you.

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