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Holy Men, Animated Nature

With his wonderful deeds, Guru Rinpoche led the way for generations of holy men who, in the following centuries, further conquered nature deities and demons and committed them to Buddhism.


According to tradition, such different characters as the Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, the founder of the state, Pema Lingpa, who is valued in the entire Himalayas as »treasure hunter«, Drukpa Künle, the holy man who enjoys the pleasures of life, or Thangtong Gyalpo, who became known as a builder of bridges, all stepped into the footsteps of Guru Rinpoche and did their respective work, in order to further establish Buddhism in Bhutan and in the entire Himalayas.

All of them very successfully fought the malicious deities and so went down in the history of Mahayana Buddhism.

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Pema Lingpa's aunt was the tantric consort of Thangtong Gyalpo, the builder of the famous iron bridges in the Himalayas. Thangtong Gyalpo also conquered many pre-Buddhist deities.

Drukpa Künle often crossed the line of good manners and decency in order to demonstrate how relative human norms are. Not least, because of this, his heroic deeds are thus also gladly told today.

The Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel also worked as a vanquisher of demons.

Pema Lingpa was regarded as the direct descendant of Guru Rinpoche and as the most famous treasure hunter of his time.