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Kulha Khari

In the past, other mountain deities, however, had already become protectors of Buddhism. One of those mountain gods converted to Buddhism was Kulha Khari. Once on a trip to Tibet, as Pema Lingpa came into his region on the Bhutanese-Tibetan border, the god invited him to his palace high above in the mountains.

Kulha Khari asked the holy man to once again give him religious knowledge, which had already been granted to him by Guru Rinpoche many centuries ago. Pema Lingpa fulfilled his wish and in addition to this, also taught him some prayers.

Out of gratitude, Kulha Khari led him to the peak of his mountain. From here, Pema Lingpa could see to the west the Copper Mountain of Guru Rinpoche; in the east, the Bodhisattva Manjusri in his palace, the »mountain with the five peaks«; in the north, the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara on his white mountain with the crystal stupa on its peak; and, in the south, the divine Kubera* on the black mountain with the blue palace. Directly above Pema Lingpa there lay the palace made out of rainbows, in which the Buddha Buddha Vajradhara himself dwelled.

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