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Melting Glaciers

The Guru, as an example, on the way to Lhasa encountered a warlike deity who wanted to block his way, and thus that of Buddhism. Out of her black clouds this mountain goddess threw hail and lighting in his way. The Guru wound her around his finger and threw her in a mountain lake in which she then, however, hid. After that, with his ritual dagger, he started a fire on a mountain above the lake. Its glaciers started melting and boiling water streamed into the lake. The heat dissolved the flesh from the bones of the goddess and so she had to rise to the surface. Now the Guru could throw his ritual dagger into her eyes and the goddess became blind in one eye. Conquered, she gave an oath to from now on protect Buddhism and to serve the Guru. Since then the goddess is called Same Dorje Yudon Chenchigma - »one-eyed, fleshless, turquoise light«.

His reputation as a mighty conquerer of demons and gods so hastened ahead of the Guru, that there were even gods that freely pledged him their loyalty and received him with offerings.

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Ritual Dagger, brass handle, iron blade; length 26 centimeters; on loan from a private collection
The magical dagger (phulbu) used to tame or to fixate demons, is also used for symbolic killings, through which the spirit of the demons are released to higher planes.