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The handing on of the teachings

The Buddha established no less than 84.000 dharma* teachings to fight the 84.000 deceptions. He turned the wheel of the Hinayana*, the wheel of the Mahayana* and the wheel of the Tantrayana*. These teachings were almost completely translated into Tibetan and written down in the 108 volumes of the Kanjur*, while collection of Tenjur*, comprising 225 volumes, contains early Indian commentaries to the teachings of the Buddha.


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As monk Gautama, before his enlightenment, Buddha Shakyamuni lived a strict ascetic life and allowed nothing to deter him from it. This episode falls into the second part of his life, in which he tried, according to the religious traditions of India at that time, to find the release from worldly misery through renunciation.
Mural in the Tashichö Dzong, photo by Yoshiro Imaeda

After his enlightenment the Buddha is offered sacrifices.
Mural in the Tashichö Dzong, photo by Yoshiro Imaeda