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The Saddharmapundarika Sutra

The Saddharmapundarika sutra is concerned with the teaching of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Mahayana Buddhism is built on the belief that many other Buddhas already lived before the historically attested Buddha and that further Buddhas will spend time on Earth and spread the Buddhist doctrine.

In that manner, the future Buddha Maitreya*, the »loving one«, dwells in the Heaven of Tusita* and teaches the gods there. From there he will come to Earth in the times to be and spread Buddhism. Because of his feelings of »Great Compassion« (mahakaruna) the »Bearer of Conscious Enlightenment« will return to this world for as long as it takes for all living beings to attain enlightenment.

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Bronze, fire-gilding; measurements: 52 cm x 29 cm x 20 cm; loan from the National Museum, Paro
In the aspect of Sambhogakaya Buddha Maitreya also appears as Bodhisattva* and wears the jewelry and clothing of a prince.