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The Four Noble Truths

The four central statements of Buddhism are:


Everything is misery.


Misery has a cause.


The causes of misery can be eliminated.


There is a way that leads to the elimination of the causes of misery.


The First Truth says that all being is misery. The worldly existence is transitory. Because it is transitory, it is full of misery. Because it is full of misery, it cannot be the Absolute (brahman). This has been the basis of the Buddhist teaching of being until today.

The Second Truth says that the cause of misery lies in the craving (trsna) for pleasure, becoming and existence.

The Third Truth teaches that misery will cease in the state of nirvana, the release from the cycle of rebirths (samsara*).

The Fourth Truth shows the path there: in meditation the Buddhist can experience the releasing realisation.

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This lama holds a thunderstone in his left and a drum in his right so that he can accompany his prayers with music.
Photo by Christian Schicklgruber