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The worlds of reincarnation

Depending on the relation between good and bad deeds in one's previous life, one will be reborn into one of the six worlds illustrated here.


The section right at the top shows the world of joys, where the gods dwell. They, however, live under the illusion that their happiness would last forever. But not even they will be spared suffering in the face of death. On its left, there is the world of fighting, in which the titans are involved. On its right the human world can be seen. It is only in this area that it is possible to leave the cycle. The bad rebirths make up the lower area of the wheel of life. On the right there is the world of animals, which are hunted by humans and other animals. Opposite, on the left, we can see the realm of unfulfilled desires, represented by hungry spirits who, however, cannot swallow any food through their narrowed throats. Right at the bottom, finally, there is the world of hell, in which people get burned, cut into pieces and tortured in many different ways.


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The underworld, where various kinds tortures are a threat

The human world

The world of warriors and of fighting

The realm of unsatisfied desires

The world of animals, whose inhabitants need to be wary of human beings.

The world of gods, who cannot escape from the cycle of rebirths either