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The founding charter

The system of hereditary monarchy was finally established in Bhutan with this document, which carries the Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyel's official seal.


This is a translation of this central document of Bhutanese history:

»With utmost respect to the worthy judge, the Glorious of the dual government.
There has been no hereditary kingdom in our country of Bhutan, and the Desis have been elected from among the governors, counsellors, head lamas and master of the central state monastery. Now we, the head lama, masters, whole monk-body, state counsellors and governors with all the subjects, have discussed and unanimously arrived at the unchanging and ever-lasting decision as follows: We the above mentioned all having discussed and agreed, elect the governor of Tongsa, Ugyen Wangchuck, Governor-General of Bhutan, hereditary King of Bhutan, in the Palace of Great Bliss in Punakha which is the second Potala, on this auspicious day which is the13th day of the eleventh month of the Fire-Sheep year of the 15th Rabjung cycle, which corresponds to the 17th of December, 1907 AD.
We now declare our allegiance to the King installed on the Golden Throne and his heirs, and undertake to serve him and his heirs. Should anyone have bad intention or second thought, and not abide by this contract by saying this and that, he shall be expelled from our company. In witness thereof, we affix our seals. «


In a letter of certification, Ugyen Wangchuck was also acknowledged as King of Bhutan by the British viceroy in India.

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This document is the founding charter of Bhutan's hereditary monarchy. It shows the Shabdrung's great state's seal and the seal imprints of all the signatories of the document.
Picture taken from: J. C. White, Sikhim and Bhutan. Twenty-one Years on the North-east Frontier, London 1909