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The ten activities

A broad spectrum of cultural expression was subdivided by the Shabdrung into ten activities - five major and five minor ones.

Within the five major activities there are three that should specifically be mentioned:

nangdenrigpa Activities that reflect personal development and self-enlightenment; this includes Buddhist philosophy.
Activities that involve verbal expression and intercourse between people; also divided into two subgroups: darigpa, which includes poems, stories and grammatical exercises, and tshemarigpa, which involves debating the finer points of religion and, recently, law.
zorig chusum
activities that assist, teach and uplift others. This category includes: ngagzo, the verbal: words, teachings, worship; yidzo, the mental: meditation, clear thought, good values, prophesying and foretelling the future; sowaripa, knowledge of health, and lüzo, the physical, which includes the zorig chusum, the 13 traditional crafts.
The history of Bhutan
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Mural in the Punakha Dzong; in each field of this mural there is a syllable. The lines can be read horizontally, vertically or diagonally and each time the person of the Shabdrung is venerated.
Photo by Christian Schicklgruber