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The Shabdrung as warlord

The time of the unification was marred by bloody wars and civil wars - after his arrival in Bhutan, Ngawang Namgyel had no real time to live a peaceful life. All men who lived in the areas controlled by the Shabdrung had to do military service. On top of this the Shabdrung also commanded an army of mercenaries.



The Shabdrung's newly created state not only had to assert itself, on the one hand, against the Tibetan armies of the Tsang leader, who continuously tried to invade Bhutan, but also against an internal foe - a group of lamas from other Buddhist schools who were against the Drukpa hegemony - on the other.

The history of Bhutan
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Chain mail, iron, leather; size: 120 x 85 cm; loan from the National Museum, Paro
The workmanship of the chain mail reflects a strong Moghul metalworking influence.

Shield, rhino leather, brass; H: 11 cm, diameter: 44,5 cm; loan from Dasho Sangay Ngedup
The symbol of the sun and the moon in the upper section of the shield stands for method (upaya) and wisdom (prajna). Here it should protect the bearer through its religious power.