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Photographs of objects:

Erich Lessing, Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna
The right of using the object photographs remains with the Bhutanese and European loaners.

Field photography:

Anthony Aris, Martin Brauen, Robert Dompnier, Marc Dujardin, Armin Haab, Françoise Pommaret, Gerald Navara, Sammlung für Völkerkunde St. Gallen, Christian Schicklgruber, G. Sherriff (Museum of Mankind, London), Guy Van Strydonck, Jon Warren, John Claude White (private collection)


Peter Elster, Adolf Möslinger, Christian Schicklgruber, Werner Wiedling

Sound recordings:

Arion, CNRS Editions

Hand-drawn pictures:

Robert Beer, from: »Tibetan Symbols and Motifs«, Serindia, London


A considerable part of the information on Bhutan's culture and history was taken from the catalogue »Bhutan - Mountain Fortress of the Gods«, Serindia, London. We are grateful to the authors for allowing us to make use of their knowledge. At the same time, Christian Schicklgruber, as the author of this program, takes full responsibility for any mistakes that might have resulted from misinterpretations or false abridgements.


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