Christian Breiteneder Geert Fiedler
Miriam Anne Frank Anne Ruth Strauss-Frank
Robert Fuchs Thomas Geldmacher
Martin Hitz Birgit Hofreiter
Martin Hon Hubert Platzer
Françoise Pommaret Markus Raab
Christian Schicklgruber Ivan Smit
Ute Smit Jan Stankovsky
Udo Starnegg Sonja Zillner

The participants of this project


Christian Schicklgruber, Thomas Geldmacher

Advisor to the contents:

Françoise Pommaret


Miriam Frank, Ute and Ivan Smit

Screen design:

Udo Starnegg

Picture editing:

Udo Starnegg, Thomas Geldmacher

Text compilation and editing, page producing:

Thomas Geldmacher

Video cutting and editing:

Robert Fuchs

3-D modelling:

Ignacio Fernandez Torres


Birgit Hofreiter

Technical implementation:

Hubert Platzer
with the help of Sonja Zillner and Martin Hon (data base, dynamic generation), as well as Geert Fiedler and Markus Raab (look marks)

Systems administration:

Jan Stankovsky
with the help of Peter Kindermann and Johannes Fromm

Software architecture and design:

Christian Breiteneder, Martin Hitz, Hubert Platzer

Project management:

Christian Breiteneder, Department of Software Technics, Technical University of Vienna
Martin Hitz, Department of Informatics, University of Klagenfurt
Hubert Platzer
Christian Schicklgruber, Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna

Contracted by:

Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Extra financing:

Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna
Society of the Friends of Ethnology
Druk-Yul, Austrian-Bhutanese Society


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